Kortjes: niets willen missen, pesten als kunst, hackvrije naaktfoto’s, en meer (week 46, 2014)

Kinderen en jongeren zijn continu in het nieuws. De meest lezenswaardige/opvallende berichten uit andere bronnen verzamel ik wekelijks in een post met ‘kortjes’ – oneliners met een linkje naar het oorspronkelijke artikel. KLIK & LEES:

Today, the metrosexual is a disappearing breed being quickly replaced by men more concerned with existing in the outdoors, or the pseudo-outdoors, than meticulous grooming habits — he is the Lumbersexual (Gear Junkie)

“We Millennials have big expectations — we may be referred to as a generation bogged down by restless ADD, but we should not consider this to be detrimental to our futures or our successes; (…) we fear losing out on something that could prove a key factor in our futures” (Elite Daily)

While technology continues to influence how we consume content, most parents in the U.S. still place a high level of importance on print when it comes to reading; in some cases, they’re even bigger fans of print than their buying habits indicate (Nielsen)

At this year’s Expion Social Summit, Robert Wollner sat down with a few Gen-Zers to get the breakdown on which social channels they’re using, how they’re interacting with brands on social, which apps are trendy, and how they’re finding out about new social platforms (Expion)

LG’s new AKA phones weren’t made for those who want the best devices their money can buy — no, they were designed for lonely people who name every single inanimate object they own, give them voices, preferences and stories to rival those of GoT characters (Engadget)

From Spain, Hybridplay has developed a smart clip that connects any playground to smartphone games, requiring kids to be physically active to complete each level (Springwise)

Injuries among small kids under five mysteriously increased 10% between 2005 and 2012; new research points the blame at iPhones that distract parents from keeping an eye on their children (Vox)

Fast food chains in predominantly black neighborhoods were more than 60% more likely to advertise to children than in predominantly white neighborhoods (The Washington Post)

Craft website Instructables shows your how to make your very own life-sized Emmet LEGO costume and puts a smile on the faces of kids everywhere (Trendhunter)

At a time when toy sales have stagnated for years at $22 billion, children who review toys on YouTube are wielding increasing influence; toy makers are courting them for their ability to connect with a generation that views the online video sharing service like baby boomers do HBO (KULR-8)

Smyths let us know they’re open till 11pm by showing us the shenanigans their toys get up to behind the doors at night (The Drum)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rTss7p1gkU]

Budsies takes your child’s imaginative drawings and creates a unique stuffed animal based on your little one’s design (Mashable)

In the early 2000s, iconic luxury brand logo’s shouting “I can afford this stuff” were still part of the preppy Millennial lifestyle, but today visibly showing off is totally not done; being smart and saving money is the new cool for youth (Cool Brands)

Until just a few years ago, directors openly sneered at the idea of watching movies on personal screens of any size, but a pair of recent projects taking place primarily on a laptop screen show how quickly that attitude is evolving (Mashable)

The beta version of Sony’s cloud TV service, PlayStation Vue, is launching this month (TNW)

YouTube confirmed that it will launch a paid subscription service that lets users stream high-quality, ad-free music and music videos; the service, which launches next week in invite-only beta, is to be called YouTube Music Key (The Verge)

Concert promoter Live Nation Entertainment has formed a joint venture with youth media producer Vice to create and distribute original music programming; the new digital network will feature hundreds of hours of original music shows and editorial content targeted at millennials (Variety)

The desire to be around similar people is universal, but not all high schools break down into hardened, John Hughes-style clusters and hierarchies; people are social animals, but we’re also creatures of our environment — our habitats shape our habits (The Atlantic)

Social network We Heart It polled 1,200 female members between 13 and 18 about the social pressures they face both online and in the real world; bullying was their top concern, but the ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) weighed on their minds more than the pressure to ‘fit in’ did (Daily News)

Researchers at Clemson University published a report recently concluding that bullying in schools continues to be prevalent; are prevention efforts a flop? (The Week)

From the film Bully emerged The Bully Project, a youth-powered social initiative that aims to destroy bullying by educating students and schools; in connection to this, The Bully Project Mural was created as a selection of artwork that strongly relays anti-bully message through art (PSFK)

More parents believe that the risks of social media outweigh its benefits for their children than believe the opposite, according to new survey of UK and U.S. parents with children ages 6 – 17 who use the Internet, conducted for the UK’s Family Online Safety Institute (MediaPost)

De Polaroidfoto is helemaal terug — niet alleen omdat retro nog steeds hip is, maar vooral ook omdat een analoog (naakt)kiekje niet gehackt kan worden (HLN)

BIC verzamelde handschriften en komt met een universeel lettertype; mensen uit 150 verschillende landen zonden meer dan 1,7 miljoen karakters in (Adformatie)

De hippies, provo’s, punkers en krakers moesten strijd leveren voor hun idealen; de generatie die nu jong is mag en kan alles, maar lijkt van de weeromstuit burgerlijker dan ooit (HP/De Tijd)

De meeste ouders zien hun kind te positief, maar die neiging is het grootst bij ouders met narcistische trekjes; ze schatten het IQ van hun kind te hoog, denken dat hun kind meer weet dan het weet, geven vaak zeldzame voornamen en strooien kwistig met complimentjes (de Volkskrant)

Steeds meer jongeren vinden het gebruik van drugs tijdens een avondje stappen heel normaal, zo meldt GGD Hollands Noorden; jongeren die uitgaan blijken meer middelen te gebruiken dan jongeren die dit niet doen (DHA)

Ruim 14% van de middelbare scholen die Sinterklaas vieren, heeft dit jaar een aangepaste Zwarte Piet (NU.nl)

In de eerste aflevering van het Sinterklaasjournaal 2014 maakten de veelbesproken Regenboogpieten niet hun opwachting, maar twee dagen later liepen blanke hulppieten huppelend door het beeld: “De kleur van de piet is bijzaak” (AD)

“Ooit een nogal kinderlijk magazine vol bonte avonturen, nu leek het Sinterklaasjournaal een speciale aflevering vol oorlogsjournalistiek; de burgeroorlog die onder invloed van het omstreden leger van de Zwarte Pieten woedt, vereist een eigen propagandakanaal” (de Volkskrant)

180 Amsterdam tekent voor de internationale geïntegreerde (kerst)campagne voor de PlayStation 4; doel van de campagne ‘Welcome to the Future of Play’ is de grootste community van een nieuwe generatie gamers samen te brengen (Adformatie)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAvPY_l_yls]

Vertalers laten vele gruwelijkheden uit de sprookjes van de gebroeders Grimm  meestal weg, maar dat doet de verhalen te weinig eer aan, vindt Jack Zipes: “We moeten kinderen niet langer dom houden” (Trouw)

En tot slot; klik hier om te leren hoe je Donald Duck tekent (Het Klokhuis)

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