Children’s media: Top ten international trends

I am investigating international trends in children and youth’s media consumption.

There are new insights emerging and the implications are important for content producers, marketeers, parents and educators. 

The transnational media landscape offers technological advances based on acquiring new skills which have generated opposing themes: immense opportunity and questionable risk.

So, what do researchers know about how children and youth use electronic media and about how that use influences their lives? And, how can children and youth marketing strategies best manage this influence with integrity?

For example, one emerging trend: children are still viewing television (not replacing it) but are supplementing it by media multi-tasking.

So, what about the gatekeepers – the parents? 

The most effective marketing is one that establishes a partnership between the brands and parents (“Marketing to kids,” 2012).

Recent research on branding with parents has found that a brand must demonstrate its value, showing parents it nurtures, educates, elicits their kids’ creativity, feeds their imaginations, reinforces positives or helps them to grow (Fishman, 2012).

And, bearing in mind that 83% of consumers are actively willing to change their buying habits if doing so would help “make the world a better place (Blackdog 2012), then how might that translate into real plans for your marketing strategy?


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